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Corona (Complete Oriented Realistic Opportunity in New Age) Tech is a plateform where you learn how to develop a website and Mobile Android Apps without coding, how to earn money through your own website or blog, android apps, YouTube, affiliate marketing etc. And Corona Life also provides a chance you to earn money through your referral link. It is like a Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business plateform where you build a network of people to grow yourself. It is a great opportunity.

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Get a membership at Rs. 999 for life time and learn website development through wordpress, android apps, affiliate maketing and how to earn money through online without any investment. And earn unlimited money smartly and grow.


You can earn Rs. 28/- per referral. Create a big network and earn unlimited.


You can earn upto 7th level. And you wll also receive bonus income.

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Learn website development and mobile app development and make money online through your website.

Website Development

Learn how to develop a website without coding.

Website Design

Learn how to design responsive high quality templates using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

Software Development

Learn C Programming, C++, Java, Python etc.

Android App Development

Learn how to develop Android Application through coding and without coding.


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The moment when you participate Corona Tech. You become a socially connected person. Corona Tech is a way to earn smartly not by doing much hard work.



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